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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Let me start off first by saying this, you can stop reading right here. You can just go back to my home page or read another blog post, but you don’t have to read this one if you don’t want to. Let me warn you by saying this post is pretty petty and is totally full of first-world problems, but it’s how I am coping with the things that went wrong at my wedding. I had planned the day out to a T, with a minute-by-minute schedule. But no matter how much you plan, something will always go wrong. After my wedding was over, you’d think I’d feel a huge sense of relief. But instead, I was left with this overwhelming feeling of posttraumatic stress. Weddings are extremely stressful for the bride and groom, so the week after the wedding left me feeling like I needed to schedule an emergency session with my therapist. I had put so much time and hard work into each aspect of the wedding, so to see even the smallest thing go off course was heartbreaking. For all you bridezillas like me, I’m sure you’ll understand where I’m coming from. For all my brides-to-be, maybe this list might help you avoid making the same mistakes I made. Nevertheless, please enjoy my dumb rant over some pretty miniscule things that went wrong at my wedding.

Mike and I during our redo photo session.

1. We Didn’t Have Time for Our First Look

Our schedule had allotted time for our first look right before the ceremony. We were supposed to take a few quick shots and then proceed into the processional. However, lo and behold, as I’m walking out of the elevator of our hotel all decked out in my bridal attire, there I see my future husband coming out of the elevator opposite to me. I yell at him to look away, so he does and continues to the parking garage. When we arrive to the ceremony location, it’s over 100 degrees outside, and we’re not thinking about the schedule anymore. Instead, we’re just trying to survive. My fiancé sees me in my gown and the whole schedule is thrown off. We attempt taking a few pictures, but it’s hotter than the devil’s butthole outside, so we just end up skipping the whole thing and move along with the wedding.

2. Our Musician Wasn’t Paying Attention at the Ceremony

This is the mishap that upsets me the most. We hired this musician specifically for the processional and recessional, and she somehow messed it up. Not only that, but we even had her come to our rehearsal and somehow this tragedy still happened. We had planned for me to walk down the aisle with my father when the music transitioned into the next song. So my dad and I are up next, and the music never transitions. We wait there for an awkward amount of time and then decide to just start walking anyway. Well, not even a quarter down the aisle, and the musicians finish playing the song and it’s completely quiet. We continue smiling as we walk down the aisle in silence and when reach where the officiant is standing, the musician finally begins playing the song I was supposed to walk down the aisle to. They do a quick version of the song once they realize what’s happened and we move on with the ceremony. All of this could have been avoided if the musicians were just paying attention to us as we were walking down the aisle.

3. The Officiant’s Microphone Kept Going In and Out

I had a feeling this might happen, since I had seen it happen at a wedding before, but I was ensured it wouldn’t. For the beginning of the ceremony, everything is running smoothly and the microphone is working great. However, as soon as my fiancé and I take the microphone to exchange vows, it begins going in and out. No one except the first front rows can hear us. As soon as we give the microphone back, it begins to work perfectly.

4. We Ran Out of Time For Pictures During Cocktail Hour

Our schedule had planned for bridal party and family pictures outside during cocktail hour while all the guests were inside. Well, all the family members start taking out their phones trying to get their own photos along the photographer’s pictures, which slows things down substantially. Not to mention, some of the bridal party is missing so we have to wait for them to arrive. My husband and I run out of time for our own pictures, so we end up having to schedule them for another day.

5. It Was Hard for Our Guests to See Our First Dance

My plan was to inform our bridal party of their table numbers before their introduction so that way they would go straight to their seat as soon as they were introduced. In the mix of everything, I forgot to let everyone know of this important detail, so instead, the wedding coordinator lines up the bridal party along the dance floor. This leaves guests with little view of our first dance as the groomsmen and bridesmaids are on both sides of the dance floor.

My sister giving her maid of honor speech while the slideshow in the back is stuck.

6. The Slideshow We Paid for Wasn’t Running the Whole Night

I had spent so much time putting together a slideshow of our favorite engagement photos to have on a loop the whole night. When I had checked on the venue earlier that day, the slideshow was running perfectly. However, later during the reception, it stops running and is stuck on one photo for the rest of the night. I was so busy running around, I never had a chance to let the event planner know.

7. The Emcee’s Announcements Were Announced at the Wrong Time

Since pictures took longer than they were supposed to, our schedule was thrown off slightly. Because of that, our schedule had to be adjusted. But somehow, these changes weren’t relayed to the emcee, which led to him making incorrect announcements throughout the night.

My flower girls and I with my original bouquet.

8. My Bouquet Got Lost

After family and bridal party pictures, my bouquet literally vanished. It was never seen again after those photos. I had planned on preserving the flowers and was devastated. Luckily, I had a toss bouquet for the bouquet toss, so that wasn’t affected… But, STILL!

Mike and I with our skyline cake.

9. The Wedding Cake Was Much Smaller Than I Thought it Would Be

You’d think a cake made for 300 people would seem somewhat bigger than what it actually was. The cake size was actually affected since the groom’s cake was made for 150 people, which left the wedding cake for only 150 people.

10. Guests Signed Our Guest Book Wrong

Our guest book was specially ordered off Etsy to go along with our rock and roll theme. Instead of doing a guest book, we had a frame created where guests could drop in signed picks. You’d think it’d be obvious that the green side of the pick is the part that needs to be signed; however, a substantial amount of guests signed the blank, white side. This wouldn’t have been such a big issue, but the pens I bought were specifically made for the green side of the picks so that the writing wouldn’t wear away with time.

I know, I know… Most people probably didn’t notice these mistakes, but I sure did. After 11 months of planning, I wanted the day to be perfect. But in the end, all that matters is that I got to spend the day with all my closest family and friends as they watched my husband and I make an eternal commitment to one another. That’s something not even these silly mistakes can overshadow.

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