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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Being a first-time mother is always difficult. There’s a lot to juggle between prepping the nursery and making sure you maintain your health. Setting up a registry can seem very overwhelming given the array of brands and styles to choose from. It’s hard to tell what will actually come in handy and what won’t. But getting advice from another mommy is a sure way to make sure you are prepared with the necessary items of motherhood. Here’s a list of 10 baby items I have found to be extremely helpful.

This baby lounger is extremely useful for co-sleeping and for providing your little one a place to sleep if you’re traveling. This baby lounger is made of breathable material for your baby’s safety and offers a nice and cozy place for your infant to relax in. When my son was born, I felt safest having him near us on our bed in his DockATot. It was easy to check on him and hear him waking up. Although somewhat pricey, the DockATot is a great investment for parents interested in co-sleeping.

The Owlet is a great product for parents looking for that added peace of mind. The latest Owlet serves as a camera while also monitoring heart rate and oxygen levels. For NICU parents especially, this product is a great investment. Our son spent over a week in the NICU, so bringing him home was definitely a nerve-racking experience since we no longer had the monitors tracking his vitals. The Owlet provided us with a lot of comfort, since the device will alert you of any abnormal oxygen or heart rate readings. If you’re only interested in the sock component, you can buy the smart sock separate from the camera in order to save some money, because it is an investment.

The Bottle Genie is my go-to baby shower gift. This product is an absolute game changer. I know feeding your baby is a bonding experience, but there have been many times where a hungry baby has put me into a complicated bind. There was a time I was trying to put away perishable items into my fridge and Maxon was throwing a fit because he was hungry for a bottle. I simply placed him in his bouncer and secured the bottle genie around his legs and he was good to go. The bottle genie is like a third hand for mothers.

This is a pretty obvious necessity, but I just want to reiterate how useful a baby swing can be. My son went through a sleep regression phase where he was not comfortable in his baby lounger or bassinet and the only place he could catch a nap was in his swing. It’s not recommended as a “safe” place for sleep, but after checking with our pediatrician, she informed us it was fine that we do whatever was necessary for him to get his needed rest. The swing always brought Maxon so much comfort. Even when he began daycare, the swing was always his safe place. Just keep in mind that getting two different swings might not be the best move. My son became very attached to his Fisher-Price swing and hated his other swing. When his favorite swing’s battery went out and we replaced his swing with a new one, he absolutely loathed it. Babies can tell the difference.

This new invention has all the baby boomers jealous. The Baby Bum applicator makes applying diaper cream so easy and effortless. You no longer have to worry about getting diaper cream all over your hands and up your fingernails. You now simply apply some cream to the applicator and go at it. Wipe it off when you’re done and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.

For all you nervous nellies out there like me, a baby car mirror will definitely come in handy. Since it’s recommended your baby remain rear-facing until they’re four years old, it can be hard at times to check on your little one. A simple cough may leave you worried, so this baby mirror is definitely helpful in easing your anxiety. Just don’t get too distracted!

With a wide array of bottle sterilizers, I would have to recommend the microwave steam sterilizer. Just pop in your bottles after a quick rinse and they’re ready to be steamed in the microwave. The process usually takes less than 4 minutes, much faster than sterilizing in the dishwasher.

You’re probably already stocked with a lot of newborn beanies, but your baby will outgrow these quickly. Look into buying some beanies like these for the winter, and they will last you a lot longer. They’re small but extremely stretchy, so they should last you until your child is 2 years old. They’re also a lot warmer than your typical beanies, so they’ll be great for the winter.

After your baby’s born, you’ll still want to try to keep up with all your typical family events like weddings. But sometimes events like weddings or sporting events can be too loud for your infant’s ears, so here’s a great way to protect them. These headphones will muffle the noise out, so your infant will remain out of harm’s way. And with these bad boys, you can even take your little one to concerts.

10. Bagnet

I’ll be honest, I haven’t bought this product yet, but I can see how useful it can be. We’ve all been in that horrible predicament where we come across a restroom stall without a hook for our purse or backpack. We’re forced to place our bag on the dirty floor and then we forget about it later and place that same bag on our bed. With our little ones, we’ll definitely want to be more careful. The Bagnet can hold anywhere between 8 and 10 pounds, perfect for your diaper bag. There’s also a wide array of different colors, material, and patterns to match your style.

You’re already going to kill it as a mother, but these products will make it all so much easier for you. And remember to share these products with your expecting mom friends so that they too, can catch a break.

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